18 apr. 2011

Finally gettting some work done!

These are the tests that I have been carrying out to see how I want the details of the chair to look like. Above is what the chair seat will look like. They will go over the sides to create a ribbed chair.
I am using old test pieces to look at how I will put the stretcher on the sides (the steam bending will not make the curve solid enough for it too keep it's shape, so I need the stretcher to keep it in place).
This is the side view of the chair and the steam bending mould for the seat. Tomorrow morning I will be steam bending, so I will hopefully have the beginning of my chairs.
And this is what happens when I can't focus. I go to the workshop and do something different. So this stool is an experiment in light weight furniture. It's a stool made out of local grown maple. It's hollow in the legs and also the seat. I wanted to give the stool a heavy look, but really it was light. A sort of trompe-l'oeil. The stool weighs 900grammes. More to come soon!

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